Introduction on Core retail series

Introduction on Core retail series


We are thrilled to introduce our new retail series, the Core Series, an innovative line of sports apparel designed with athletes' basic needs in mind. Developed as the fundamental toolkit for competitors, whether they are embarking on rigorous training sessions, gearing up for races, or stepping onto the starting line of events, the Core Series provides versatility, functionality, and affordability.



Introducing the flagship product of the Core Series—the Core Sleeveless Tri Suit. Designed for optimal performance and affordability, this trisuit is made from high-quality opaque spandex fabric. It ensures the utmost confidence for athletes, remaining non-transparent even after emerging from the water. Featuring convenient rear pockets for essentials, an Italian tri pad for added comfort, and a sleeveless design for unrestricted movement, it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and simplicity. With gender-specific panel construction ensuring a tailored fit, the Core Sleeveless Tri Suit is your go-to gear for conquering races and training sessions with confidence.


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