About Us

Power, Speed, and Inspiration. These are the three things that should be seen in an athlete. The three things that we, PSI Custom Sportswear, provide each and every client that reaches out to us.

Our company, PSI Custom Sportswear (short for PSI Custom) was established in the summer of 2012. It started when our CEO, Ben Liu, saw the growth of demand for premium triathlon apparels in the early 2011. There were only few key players in the East Asia countries who make the apparel with good quality materials and none in the South East Asia. Most brands were also designed for European and American body types which left many athletes in Asia struggling for a perfect fitting. With this, it struck Ben as the perfect opportunity to start the business.

Our headquarter is located in Ibaraki, Japan, 1.5 hour east of Tokyo. Its serves as the purpose of pattern, style and design operation while the Philippine affiliate operates the production. Currently, the company is being handled by three business-minded founders from different parts of Asia namely Japan, Taiwan, and Philippines.

We live by our company's vision to provide the premium custom sports apparel in the market.